Samsung Memory Solutions for Automotive

Author : Samsung semiconductor Published Time : 2019-11-22

Reliable memory solutions for next level business and driving experience


Advanced memory leads the way to optimized performance

With Samsung’s wide selection of DRAM and Flash memory, you can build optimized systems with absolute confidence. Samsung's memory provides exceptional speed and ample capacity with outstanding energy efficiency.

Maintain uptime with reliability and control

With Samsung DRAM and flash memory, system performance is robust and stable even in extreme high and low temperatures.

Longevity matching automotive life cycles

Samsung provides extended support to enable sufficient safety testing and defect resolution that meets the needs of the market, through dedicated manufacturing lines for its automotive memory products.

Comprehensive portfolio for enhanced connected cars

Samsung offers a wide range of products for connected cars, satisfying diverse demands of the market with reduced compatibility issues and customization concerns and provides dedicated technical support to effectively speed up the time to market for automotive manufacturers.

Samsung automotive DRAM Memory

Samsung follows the standards of AEC-Q100 to enhance reliability. Our automotive DRAM products’ advanced ECC and single-digit PPM provides improved quality and safety while driving. We are actively engaged in the automotive memory business to provide the reliable high quality automotive memory solutions on the market.


Samsung automotive Flash Memory

Samsung automotive Flash Memory delivers high reliability, extensive product and technical support to keep pace with the long auto production life cycle and a broad portfolio for enhanced customization and compatibility.

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